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Right here, Right now- Mindfulness In The Workplace

Mindfulness is not magic. Nor is it a religious sect. Rather, it is a state of mind that we can learn how to be in through practice. This is a state where we focus our attention to the present time and to what is happening currently.

We do that while losing our judgmental perspective about the world or about ourselves.
The mental pain that we experience and many kinds of psychological distress are often related to regrets about the past or to worries about what is about to come. When we focus on the present time, however, we are liberated from this suffering.

This all sounds quite spiritual and thus many would say it might be good if you are on a trip to India trying to experience new perspectives on life. However, if you’re trying to live your life, could this really be helpful? Mindfulness improves the ability to control emotional instability and unhealthy interpersonal patterns thus, improves the social environment at the office.
The Buddha does look quite relaxes as do his followers, but is this what I think a productive employee should look like?
Clearly, the practice of mindfulness may improve the psychological wellbeing of the employees in my company, but how will it improve the work environment? Streamline processes and improve productivity? Increase the profit?

Current research shows the following:

1 Mindfulness anchors one in the present time and thus improve his or her ability to deal with challenges

2 Mindfulness helps in staying concentrated and focused longer

3 Mindfulness improves the ability to control emotional instability and unhealthy interpersonal patterns

4 Mindfulness helps develop compassion, which is pivotal to improving the work environment in the company and to a better understanding of coworkers

5 Mindfulness make you feel better, so you meet more happy faces at work

6 At Google they’d found out about it 15 years ago, and it seems to have worked for them 🙂 as well as for Goldman-Sachs, General Mills, Columbia University and for many other leading brands and companies around the world.

Here you can read coverage of cases discussing the benefits of Mindfulness on Huffpost, on the Guardian and on forbes.

I am a senior Clinical Psychologist, with an extensive training in practicing and teaching Mindfulness.  I was  trained at MUDA – the Israeli Center for Science, Mindfulness and Society, at the Unit of Applied Neuroscience, IDC Herzliya. I invite you and your team to enjoy the benefits of this workshop.

I offer two main tracks:
Track 1: An introductory Mindfulness workshop of two hours and then a weekly session, where we practice for half an hour.

Track 2: Stress reduction and stress management workshop that meets once a week for an hour over the duration of 8 weeks. Employing Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), the workshop is limited to 10 participants per cohort.

Family-career conflict

In the women empowerment group, different women find what they share. They learn from each other about how they deal with the vagaries of life in general, and with the feminine experience in particular. They help each other find peace and quiet, and how to recharge their batteries and courageously go beyond their comfort zones to reach new heights and realize their dreams.

With 5-10 women, this group meets on a weekly basis to secure a safe and containing space for all participants.