Women Empowerment

In the women empowerment group, different women find what they share. They learn from each other about how they deal with the vagaries of life in general, and with the feminine experience in particular. They help each other find peace and quiet, and how to recharge their batteries and courageously go beyond their comfort zones to reach new heights and realize their dreams.

With 5-10 women, this group meets on a weekly basis to secure a safe and containing space for all participants.

Test Anxiety

One of the hardest parts of test anxiety is feeling alone. Sitting in a classroom, with everybody else around you working hard on their exam seeming in complete mastery of the material is particularly challenging when you feel completely at loss, with no real control over the situation. This therapy provides first and foremost a context, a sense that you are not alone and that others share the same anxiety.

Work is based on Cognitive-Behavioral therapy, which has been scientifically proven to be the most effective one in dealing with text anxiety.

This is a short term psychotherapy (10 weekly meetings) that is goal oriented. The goal is the reduction of symptoms. The process provides a sense of comfort and containment, and at the same time it instills a sense of proactivity, with practical solutions offered for the challenges of test anxiety.

There are weekly assignments to be completed in between the sessions.